Different Types Of Beards

Wesley here with my first post coming in piping hot. There are many styles of beard out and about, waltzing down the street. However, not every one of them is proper. That’s why your main man, Wesley, is here to sort out this mess. There are 7 styles of beard which I have deemed Proper, they are as follows:

  1. Van Dyke Beard

    Evil Villain, Son of Billionaire or Railroad Tycoon Owner. Not the easiest beard to pull off but when properly done it is sure to show your edgy side.

    Van dyke beard
    source: http://machohairstyles.com/best-van-dyke-beard/

  2. Goatee

    Done improperly, this style will leave you looking just like a goat. Similar to the dreadful display by the cheeky fellow below. However, this is just one unlucky chap. Most can pull this off quite easily.

    Now that is proper!


  3. Balbo Beard

    The balbo beard is quite similar to the goatee. However, with the balbo, the mustache does not connect to the rest of the facial hair. Robert Downey Jr. displays this beard in the most proper of ways.
    Balbo Beard
    source: http://www.salongenie.net/blog/beards-wobbling-the-grooming-industry/

  4.  Bandholz Beard

    The bandholz beard is for men with very thick and full facial hair. Try to grow this one with the wrong hair and you could end up looking like an American redneck that weds his sister.
    Bandholz Beard with smoking pipe

  5. Circle Beard

    The circle beard is classic and bold not much else to be said about it.
    Circle Beard
    Source: http://beardstyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Circle-beard-1.jpg

  6. Imperial

    The Imperial is a type of mustache that really stands out. Its quite curly and truly makes a statement in a proper way.
    Imperial Mustache
    Source: http://stubblepatrol.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/imperial-mustache-how-to-grow.jpg

  7. Short Stubble

    The short Stubble is great for a gent who does not have a beard but wants to be a tad lazy for a few days and skip the shave. Anyone can pull this off, even if you got a few extra kilos on ya.
    Short Stubble